Tom Hutchinson

Speaking from Experience

“During the past 20 years as a roof consultant, architect and former president of RCI Inc.—The Institute of Roofing, Waterproofing and Building Envelope Professionals (RCI), I have met many roofing professionals who have shared a wealth of information. Additionally, I… Read More

Sustainability and Roofing: Its Time Has Arrived

“In spring 1995, a group of roofing professionals from around the world with expertise in roof system design, roofing forensics, material manufacturing and material research convened in Brussels, Belgium, to discuss an emerging idea within the roofing community—sustainability.”  

Designing Sustainable Roofing Systems

Enlightened building owners and roof system designers are interested in adopting roofing systems using environmental parameters. In many countries a generation has grown up in a culture sympathetic and supportive to “green” issues. Many colleges and universities include environmental studies… Read More