Durability & Weathering

EPDM Durability Key to Green Decision

“As roof designers place more emphasis on LCA and cradle-to-cradle concepts, EPDM’s combination of low installation cost and lifetime economic value, durability, installation ease, design flexibility, and recyclability make it an economic and sustainable choice.”

Hail Impact Testing of EPDM Roof Assemblies

The EPDM Roofing Association retained the services of Jim D. Koontz & Associates, Inc. to perform laboratory testing on 81 test targets provided by the association. The targets varied in age and substrate. The samples were impacted with ice spheres… Read More

It Came from Hail

“The roof is becoming a more complex, challenging, and important component of any number of buildings, but especially so for schools and universities. The current economic climate, the growing presence of energy producing systems (solar panels or wind turbines), the… Read More

Evaluating Ballasted Single-Ply Roof Systems

“Stone-ballasted membranes constitute about 10 percent of all newly constructed built-up and single-ply roofing systems, and many older systems continue to perform well in the low-slope roofing market. Unfortunately, in their zeal some structural engineers have confused the smaller and… Read More