In the two decades since ERA’s founding in 2003, our member manufacturers have delivered a broad spectrum of innovations to their product lines. Self-adhering components that have factory-applied adhesive tape have increased roof system quality, especially in more problematic areas such as flashing installations. Ninety mil membranes now offer the thickest layer of monolithic waterproof protection in the roofing industry. EPDM is resistant to extreme temperature fluctuations and weather conditions, including hail. Taken together, these advances have provided customers with a roofing membrane that can last for over thirty to forty years with the appropriate maintenance.

While EPDM products have evolved at a rapid pace to keep up with 21st Century demands, ERA has supported the industry and our customers by conducting in-depth research about the performance of the membrane, especially when faced with contemporary threats. Most recently, ERA undertook a triad of studies to investigate the impact and efficacy of roof albedo, compared to dark membranes, in blunting the impact of the Urban Heat island (UHI) effect. The findings, which are contained in this report, force a new look at long prevailing assumptions and provide striking insights on the need for a new approach to creating roofing systems.

The findings of our recent research inspired us to create and publish this report, “The View from the Roof: Building a Sustainable Future.” Following on our widely distributed prior publication, “Building Resilience: The Roofing Perspective”, it is designed to give our customers as well as industry thought leaders a comprehensive understanding of what sustainability means in the context of the built environment. Additionally, we provide detailed information about the value of EPDM in a sustainable roofing system, as well an important advice about the various approaches to creating a sustainable roof using EPDM.

We know that this report will be of value to you in your work, and we look forward to continuing our efforts to create and grow a sustainable future for you and generations to follow.

The View from the Roof: Building a Sustainable Future