ERA is now committing significant resources to an issue of growing importance that impacts almost every consideration of the roofing industry. While there may be debate about the cause, global statistics confirm the increasing frequency of more extreme weather: intense tornado outbreaks, record setting heat, catastrophic wildfires, heavy downpours, longer droughts and more frequent hurricanes.

Given the importance of this emerging issue, and the critical role that roofing plays in a resilient building, ERA has published several articles on the resilience topic and is also tracking articles and research on resilience so that the roofing industry may develop a breadth of knowledge on this issue.

Our goal is to ensure that anyone interested in creating or investing in a resilient roof has access to up-to-date information about best practices to be followed, as well as an understanding of the benefits of EPDM in creating a resilient roofing system. We want to be your partners in building the resilient future of the roofing industry.