Cool Roofing & Energy Efficiency

Cool Roofs in Northern Climates

The growing awareness of climate change, as well as the related issues of urban heat islands and steadily increasing energy costs, has led to a growing interest in the effectiveness of reflective, or “cool” roofing. As manufacturers of both black and… Read More

Ballasted Roofing in a New Light

During the last decade, the roofing industry has been increasingly impacted by two strong forces: first, rising energy prices with no real end in sight, and, second, increasingly stringent building codes and regulations designed to limit emissions, reduce energy use… Read More

Are Cool Roofs Green?

“An overall reaction against one-size-fits-all prescriptions also seemed to be a factor. ‘We are restricting the options of roof designers, architects, and building owners with these policies,’ ERA’s Ellen Thorp told EBN, referring to regulations that require cool roofs. Those… Read More

EPDM Group Challenges Finding of Roofing Study

“BETHESDA, Md.—The EPDM Roofing Association is challenging a study conducted by Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory, which recommends policy makers phase out black EPDM roof membranes because they pose a public health risk.” Also from the article: “Most ERA members manufacture… Read More