Repair & Restoration

One of the unique attributes of EPDM is its ability to be easily repaired and restored – an attribute never seen before in the roofing industry.

Even after years of in-field service and exposure to the elements, repairs or modifications involving the installation of a new roof curb into an aged roof can be accomplished easily, with the expectation of long-term performance.

Unlike other roof systems that may degrade and become brittle over time from ultraviolet exposure, EPDM maintains its integrity and flexibility. Because of this, EPDM allows for modifications as easy as washing the membrane, preparing the surface and applying the repair material, including coatings.

Another unique attribute of EPDM is its ability to be restored. Aged and damaged EPDM roof systems are now being restored to original installation quality without major costs or disruption to business. In some situations, when system enhancements are incorporated, the aged roof system is restored to a condition that exceeds that of the original installation.

The ERA Technical Committee has prepared a Technical Bulletin on the Repair & Restoration of a Fully Adhered and Ballasted Roofing System. This demonstration of restoration techniques is not meant to substitute for specific design services by a registered or otherwise qualified roof consultant or architect. Be certain to consult those individuals prior to implementing restoration techniques demonstrated herein.

Click here to access the Technical Bulletin: Outline of Specifications, Title Sheet, Sheet Index, and all Details (R1-R11).

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