Cool Roofing & Energy Efficiency

Paint ‘em White???

“More roof insulation generally is a good thing but there is a point of diminishing returns. Rooftop Solar systems generally are good things provided they meet mind and fire requirements and are installed to protect the roof systems integrity. And… Read More

Cool Roofs Cause Condensation Fact or Fiction

Phil Degger is a professional engineer, registered roof consultant, author, and Fellow of the Roof Consultants Institute. He has investigated problems and provided testimony regarding virtually all types of roof and waterproofing systems since the early 1980’s.  


“It’s not so unusual. Right after the first couple sunny spring days you get a call. The owner complains his roof is leaking but it hasn’t rained for a week. You investigate. It is not a roof leak. It is… Read More

A Worthy Initiative

During a recent visit to Penn State University, University Park, Pa., President Obama introduces the Better Buildings Initiative – a multipronged effort designed to make commercial buildings 20 percent more energy-efficient during the next decade.