EPDM Group Challenges Finding of Roofing Study

“BETHESDA, Md.—The EPDM Roofing Association is challenging a study conducted by Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory, which recommends policy makers phase out black EPDM roof membranes because they pose a public health risk.”

Also from the article:

“Most ERA members manufacture both roof membranes, and DuCharme said the organization is trying to steer the market away from a single-component solution. Usually, ERA members are selling an entire roof system, not just the membrane. He said energy efficiencies will be impacted by the air barrier and the insulation in addition to the roof membrane, not from just one element of the roof.

‘Most of us have a foot in both sides of the camp, so we’re large producers of white and black membranes,”’ DuCharme said. “’I think we have a pretty balanced outlook on this, but this study is just so biased overall. It really got our radar up and made us dig substantially deeper.’ ”

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