The Roofing Industry: An Essential Component of American Life

The Coronavirus Crisis is presenting Americans, both individually and collectively, with unprecedented challenges. As municipalities, states and the Federal Government struggle to protect both our lives and our economy, a patchwork of frequently revised emergency orders and “guidances” have emerged. While these are no doubt intended to control and halt the spread of the virus, some of these actions conflict with the goals of containing coronavirus and protecting the health and welfare of our communities.

ERA is especially concerned that in some instances, the ability of roofing contractors, manufacturers, distributors and other industry employers to operate and aid in the response to the coronavirus pandemic could be curtailed. Based on this concern, ERA joined with other influential organizations representing the roofing industry to take action.

In mid-March, as the crisis escalated, we sent a joint letter to the White House urging the Trump Administration to “issue guidance that clarifies essential businesses, services and workers, and that this guidance recognize the role of the roofing industry in protecting U.S. families and employers.”

Additionally, the letter pointed out that, “The U.S. roofing industry, including manufacturers and their raw material suppliers, distributors, and roofing contractors, is an essential $100 billion plus sector, with an estimated 1.1 million employees, that provides critical materials and services to ensure home and business safety. We are integral to the infrastructure that will enable our nation to see through our

current times and help our communities rebound quickly. The products we make and install protect hospitals, grocery stores, pharmacies, and other businesses actively providing critical care and resources to thousands of Americans in need of assistance during this time of crisis, as well as families who are being asked to shelter in place or otherwise take every measure to remain indoors. For example, as the role of hospitals becomes ever more critical in providing care that our fellow citizens need at this time, it will be critical that roofing companies are able to quickly fix roof leaks or provide other essential services to keep these buildings operating safely.”

EPDM products, resilient and easy-to-repair are a critical part of this effort to protect American communities. We will be an essential part of the upcoming effort to rebuild our economy. We are the very definition of “essential,” and we will continue to monitor all levels of government to ensure that any pending or future guidance acknowledges our contribution to the well being of millions of Americans.