The Evolution of EPDM Roofing Technology

Roofing Contractor magazine has published a story highlighting the evolution of EPDM roofing from its introduction in the 1960s.

“First introduced in 1962, EPDM single-ply roofing membranes became increasingly popular in the 1970s as the Middle East oil embargo drove up the price of asphalt-based roofs and lowered the quality of available asphalt. EPDM was cost-effective and simple to install, and quickly became known for its exceptional hail resistance, UV stability, and weathering resistance due to the cross-linked nature of its chemistry and the UV-absorbing power of its raw materials.

Since its introduction, numerous enhancements have been made to the system components, making today’s EPDM systems far more robust and a greater value than ever before. There are four main areas in which major enhancements have been made to EPDM system technology, improving performance and increasing value for the building owner.”

The article discusses various improvements to EPDM over the years including angle change securement, puncture resistance, use in flashing details, and advances in durability.

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