ERA supports National Roofing Week

National Roofing Week will be held June 6-12, and social media plays a crucial role in its success. The ERA will be reposting and resharing content from our manufacturing members but also be sure to share your company’s photos and videos and use #NationalRoofingWeek (and also use #epdm if your post features EPDM) in your posts! Get the full information here.

  • Sunday: National Roofing Week kickoff
  • Monday: Signature projects—share photos showcasing your company’s signature residential and commercial projects
  • Tuesday: Charitable projects—share photos that demonstrate your company’s charitable giving
  • Wednesday: Employee appreciation/highlight your MVP—share photos of your company’s employees and highlight the most valuable players in your company
  • Thursday: Employee training—share photos that demonstrate how you train your workers
  • Friday: Celebration—share photos showing us how your company celebrated National Roofing Week
  • Saturday: Wrap-up