ERA Publishes STATE-OF-THE-ART TECHNICAL BULLETINS:  Updates Address EPDM Single Ply Options, Repairability, and PV Systems

Washington, D.C. – The EPDM Roofing Association (ERA) is offering three new technical bulletins, updated with state-of-the-art information about sustainable, long-lasting EPDM membranes.

Each of these bulletins provides essential information detailing the selection, use and maintenance of EPDM as an essential component of roofing systems that will meet 21st century needs.

  • “EPDM Single Ply Roof Options” details the features that make EPDM durable and long-lasting, citing field-samples showing service life of 28 to 32 years, still performing without issues.
  • “Repairability of EPDM” provides essential information about the unique qualities of EPDM that contribute to its ease of repair: work can be done without power tools and in extreme heat and cold. Additionally, EPDM membranes readily accommodate new rooftop equipment.
  • “Rooftop Rack-Mounted PV Systems and EPDM Roof Assemblies” provides details about what makes EPDM an ideal choice for use with solar equipment. Given the increasing use of rooftop solar systems and their attractive economic benefits, this bulletin is essential for anyone considering incorporating PV systems on an existing roof or installing a solar system with a new roofing membrane. This bulletin also details requirements that allow the use of black roofing membranes with PVC systems in all climate zones.

“EPDM membranes have a decades-long record of delivering exceptional performance for roofing professionals, “ said Ellen Thorp, Executive Director of ERA. “They also are frequently used with PV Systems. It’s our job to ensure that our customers and potential customers have the information they need to optimize the use of our products.”

To access and download the updated bulletins, go to on the ERA website.

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