Letter to the GSA: Leveraging Roof Alterations to Decarbonize Existing Buildings

ERA has joined with other roofing industry associations to provide guidance to the General Services Administrations’ Office of Federal High-Performance Buildings on the GSA’s recent recommendations from the GSA Green Building Advisory Committee (GBAC) on federal building decarbonization. The position of the associations is that the recommendations on federal building decarbonization present an opportunity to highlight the important contributions of the roofing industry to improving the resiliency and energy efficiency of existing federal buildings. Among other issues, the letter addresses the role of passive efficiency performance of the building enclosure is critical to lowering long-term energy use; proper timing of upgrades and roof alterations; and the value of implementing high performance and resilient roofing assemblies as a complement to de-carbonization efforts.

Roofing Industry LTR GSA Federal Building Decarbonization May 18 2022