ERA urges adjustments on Florida House Bill 305

A piece of legislation is percolating in Florida that is concerning for some segments of the roofing industry. HB 305 would limit some lawsuits, but the proposed language also includes a depreciation schedule for payouts on roof replacements and also varies the schedule on the basis of roofing material type.  The schedule is currently limited to residential roofing, but there is concern that they are starting to move toward commercial lines. ERA is joining with ARMA, the FRSA, and the NRCA to educate legislators about this issue; it’s yet another example of well-intentioned policymakers missing the mark because of not consulting with the roofing industry first. ERA has signed on to a coalition letter on this issue and has also sent a letter to the Chairmen of the Insurance & Banking Subcommittee and the Regulatory Reform Subcommittee, both under the Commerce Committee in the Florida House of Representatives.