Better Buildings Progress Report 2021

An initiative of the U.S. Department of Energy, the Better Buildings Initiative drives leadership in energy innovation by partnering with leaders in the public and private sectors. The BBI seeks to make the nation’s homes, commercial buildings, and industrial plants… Read More

ERA supports National Roofing Week

National Roofing Week will be held June 6-12, and social media plays a crucial role in its success. The ERA will be reposting and resharing content from our manufacturing members but also be sure to share your company’s photos and… Read More

National Resilience Planning Key Element in Biden Funding Announcement

When President Biden unveiled his infrastructure plan in late March, the proposed $2-trillion price tag provided firm evidence that this Administration is serious about not only repairing the built environment, but also creating a modern foundation for 21stCentury progress. While the “American… Read More