Interface: VOC Regulations Stalled in New England

“New volatile organic compound (VOC) regulation implementation scheduled for Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and the District of Columbia will not go into effect this year as expected. VOCs found in roofing sealants and adhesives are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency. For a current implementation schedule and local regulations, visit” Source: Interface

Green Source Magazine: Cracking the Green Building Code

“Voluntary green rating systems were never intended to serve as mandatory building codes. Instead, they were designed to entice the segment of the building community that was willing and able to move beyond conventional construction practices to begin exploring innovative methods to improve building performance while minimizing environmental damage the creators of these programs assued… Read More


The EPDM Roofing Association (ERA) is alerting the roofing industry to new information regulation implementation dates in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic states. Specifically, COV regulations in the District of Columbia, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont will not be made effective in time for implementation this year. Source: Professional Roofing

Western Roofing: Green by Luxury or by Law? IGCC a Possible Reality

I think we all have been enamored with the ‘Green’ movement so far, it’s been a great conversation piece, a feel good, if you will. It’s allowed us to put feathers in our cap by being involved in LEED projects, installing vegetative roofs, or integrating solar on rooftops. But up to this point our involvement… Read More

Professional Roofing: The Changing State of VOC Regulations

“Although regulations governing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are not new to the commercial roofing industry, the most recent changes affecting single-ply roofing adhesivesm sealants and primers are a source of concern for many industry professionals. The regulations set maximum allowable VOC content, extend beyond simple odor control and focus on the environmental impact of these… Read More