Buildings: Tracking Roofing Performance

“There are lots of factors that will influence your choices for your upcoming roofing projects, including satisfaction with what is in place and the guidance of local roofing contractors and roofing consultants. With a little luck, you will achieve that long-wanted 20-year roof system.” Author: Richard L. Fricklas Source: Buildings Link to Full Article

Roofing Magazine: EPDM Roofs Can Last 30 Years

Roof systems based on historical in situ performance for more than 30 years are the best roof system choice to benefit the environment. A recent survey of building owners and managers revealed that what was important to them was roof systems that have long service lives: less headaches, easier budget management, extended life-cycle analysis and… Read More

EPDM: A Proven Performer

A brand-new study of roof systems conducted on behalf of the EPDM Roofing Association (ERA) provides tangible proof of the long-term performance capability of EPDM roof systems. The study concluded that all of the systems examined were still performing as intended after 28 to 32 years of in-field service. Source: EPDM

Interface: Would You Like that Roof Super Sized

American consumers are always looking for value, and we love to have options. Fast food restaurants with their medium, large, and supersize value meals are perfect examples of our desire for choice. Maybe that’s one of the reason that single-ply roofing now accounts for nearly 50% of the commercial roofing market, according to a 2007… Read More

Interface: A New Approach to Life Cycle Roof Analysis

“Interest in life cycle cost analysis (LCCA) appears to be increasing among building owners and designers. Some of this attention may be attributed to a related and growing interest in ‘green’ building technologies that rely in part on the durability and sustainability of building materials to minimize environmental impacts. The increasing economic sophistication required to… Read More

RCI: Long Term Performance of EPDM Roof Membranes Revisited

The results obtained in this study confirm the outstanding field aging performance of EPDM membranes. The tensile strength and tear resistance data obtained for both ballasted and exposed roofs exceed the ASTM D 4637 specifications new and heat aged membranes after 17-26 years of service life. Authors: Tim Trial, Ross Robertson, Brian Gish Source: RCI

Rubber & Plastics News: Rubber Roofing Performance on the Rise

“The performance of EPDM roofing has improved dramatically over the past 20 years, according to a study examining the warranty records of the industry’s largest rubber roofing manufacturers.” Author: Brad Dawson Source: Rubber & Plastics News