RSI Magazine: EPDM Recover Favors Insulation Options

Professional roof consultants, in order to meet the needs of building owners, are becoming fully educated on energy spending, environmental issues, and restoration choices. Author: Kate M. Baumann Source: RSI Magazine

ERA: Technical Bulletin on Repair and Restoration of EPDM Systems

One of the unique attributes of EPDM is its ability to be easily repaired and restored – an attribute never seen before in the roofing industry. In some situations, when system enhancements are incorporated, the aged roof system is restored to a condition that exceeds that of the original installation. The ERA Technical Committee has… Read More

Interface: EPDM Roof System Performance an Update of Historical Maintenance Costs

One of the most important steps in roof design involves selecting the best roof system for specific building conditions and building owner needs. In order to make the optimum selection, the designer must evaluate the costs and benefits of the many options available. While initial costs of roofing systems can be calculated with reasonable accuracy,… Read More