Roofing: Developing Roof Systems That Prevent Energy Loss

Developing Roof Systems That Prevent Energy Loss Roofing Louisa Hart A fully-adhered membrane will prevent fluttering and minimize energy loss. Photos: Hutchinson Design Group Several millennia ago, early man — and the wife and kids — decided that life in a cave was a little dark, damp and confining, and started thinking about a better… Read More

PNAS: Air-quality implications of widespread adoption of cool roofs on ozone and particulate matter in southern California

The South Coast Air Basin of California, a region of 16.8 million people, is among the most polluted air basins in the United States. A multidecadal effort to attain federal air-quality standards has led to significant progress, but much more work remains. Are recently implemented statewide building efficiency standards on rooftops counterproductive to these goals?… Read More

ERA: Cool Roofs in Northern Climates

The growing awareness of climate change, as well as the related issues of urban heat islands and steadily increasing energy costs, has led to a growing interest in the effectiveness of reflective, or “cool” roofing. As manufacturers of both black and white membrane, the members of the EPDM Roofing Association (ERA) commissioned an exhaustive review of… Read More

Roofing Magazine: Ballasted Roofing in a New Light

During the last decade, the roofing industry has been increasingly impacted by two strong forces: first, rising energy prices with no real end in sight, and, second, increasingly stringent building codes and regulations designed to limit emissions, reduce energy use and mitigate the impact of urban heat islands. Recent research at Oak Ridge National Laboratory… Read More

Roofing Magazine: ARMA, ERA and PIMA Research Advanced Roof Systems

“A coalition of trade groups is funding a research project about advanced roofing systems that were installed on an upstate New York correctional facility to evaluate the benefits of thermal insulation and cool roofing in Northern climates. The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA), Washington, D.C.; EPDM Roofing Association (ERA), Washington; and the Polyisocyanurate Insulation Manufacturers… Read More

Today’s Facility Manager: The Truth About Energy Saving Roofs

“In order to select the best roofing materials, facility managers must consider components that meet the needs of building design, location, and climate conditions.” Author: David Pierce Source: Today’s Facility Manager Read the full article here

Building Green: Are Cool Roofs Green?

“An overall reaction against one-size-fits-all prescriptions also seemed to be a factor. ‘We are restricting the options of roof designers, architects, and building owners with these policies,’ ERA’s Ellen Thorp told EBN, referring to regulations that require cool roofs. Those regulations also affect roofing manufacturers’ bottom lines.’ Author: Candace Peterson Source : Building Green  

Rubber News: EPDM Group Challenges Finding of Roofing Study

“BETHESDA, Md.—The EPDM Roofing Association is challenging a study conducted by Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory, which recommends policy makers phase out black EPDM roof membranes because they pose a public health risk.” Also from the article: “Most ERA members manufacture both roof membranes, and DuCharme said the organization is trying to steer the market away… Read More