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Denver Green Roof Ordinance Background

In November 2017, the voters in the City & County of Denver (Denver) voted for an ordinance that required green/vegetative roofs on all new and existing buildings over 25,000 square feet. There were widespread concerns with how such a requirement would be implemented, and the City approved the creation of the Green Roofs Review Task Force (the Task Force) which was charged with reviewing how the will of the voters could be preserved but the ordinance amended to make it more realistically workable for Denver, and then creating a modified ordinance that would be proposed to the City Council of Denver for adoption and replace the original ordinance.

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On May 3, 2018, the Task Force released a draft proposal for modifying the green roofs ordinance that included a cool roofs requirement in new buildings; and on June 7, the Task Force released a new draft of the proposed modified ordinance (PMO) that included a cool roofs requirement for ALL new and existing buildings, along with a menu of additional measures of which one additional option had to be selected.

The roofing community is unified in its support for the majority of the PMO and the high performance buildings that will result; however the roofing community is also unified in it’s opposition to the cool roof mandate portion of the PMO. This position is supported by evidence-based research and by belief that high performance roofs need to be carefully selected and that mandating one of the 50+ components that go into developing a roofing assembly is short-sighted.

The list below supplies supporting documentation to support the roofing community’s position.

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