NIBS Building Innovation 2018 Conference

Building Innovation 2018-The National Institute of Building Sciences Sixth Annual Conference and Expo, will explore strategies that Sustain. Strengthen. Secure. Don’t miss the chance to participate in examining processes, communities, workforces, structures, resources, practices, communications and collaboration. Be there where Science meets Design® for a compelling program intended to engage the entire team of building… Read More

EESI Webinar: Resilient Cities

The Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI) will be hosting a briefing (and accompanying live stream) on Monday, September 11 at 3pm in Room 122 of the Cannon House Office Building. Please visit their website for registration information. A live webcast will be streamed at 3:00 PM EDT at (wireless connection permitting) Mayors are… Read More

Resilient Schools, Safe Children

The threat of a natural disaster presents a unique set of worries for the parents of school-age children. If an earthquake, tornado, flood or windstorm strikes during school hours would their children be safe? Would the teachers and other adults at the school have the needed resources to care for their students until emergency help… Read More

Resilience Recommended to Trump Administration

The prestigious National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS), empowered by Congress to identify ways to strengthen the built environment, has issued a series of recommendations to the Trump Administration, and resilience is at the top of their agenda. For the past four decades, NIBS, a nonprofit, non-governmental organization, has identified solutions to problems such as… Read More

RICOWI Study Finds EPDM Offers Superior Protection Against Hail

For the past decade, ERA has disseminated science-based information about the superior protection that EPDM membranes offer against hail damage. In 2007, ERA commissioned independent laboratory testing comparing many types of roofing materials and their resistance to hail up to three inches in diameter. The results of the study showed that EPDM roofing membranes did… Read More

Congressional Briefings on Infrastructure

Congressional briefings to focus on Building a Secure and Resilient National Infrastructure The Washington based Environmental and Energy Study Institute will be hosting a series of five briefings for Congress in Washington DC over the next four months. State/Federal Emergency preparedness, coastal flooding, national security impacts, and development of resilient building/construction materials will headline separate… Read More

Task Force on Resiliency

The time has come to “spring forward” as we set our clocks ahead one hour, an event that marks the unofficial end of winter and the beginning of spring. And even though spring doesn’t officially begin until March 20, many of us will take the opportunity to bid good-bye with pleasure to what has been… Read More

A Polarizing Perspective? Cool Roofs in Northern Climates

White roof or black roof? This simple question has perplexed and even polarized segments of the construction community for much of the last decade. In 2009, then Secretary of Energy Stephen Chu tried to settle the issue by recommending that the roofs of all “flat topped” buildings be painted white, and all new buildings be… Read More

An Artistic EPDM Roof

At ERA, we think of every well-installed roofing system using an EPDM membrane as something of a work of art. But a roof in Grand Rapids, Michigan takes the artistic possibilities of EPDM to a whole new level. The roof of that city’s administration building supports a mural by renowned artist Alexander Calder. The mural… Read More

Tried and True Approach to Cool Roofs in Cold Climates

Once again, as the temperature begins its downward slide, those of us who live in cool-to-downright-cold climates are faced with the reality that winter will soon be here. And once again, the staff and members of ERA feel the need to remind our extended community of roofing contractors, building owners, specifiers and architects that “cool”… Read More